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Gree Altairnano won 2 energy storage awards

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Date:2024-02-29  Article Source:

On February 27th, the Polaris Cup Energy Storage Influential Enterprise’s Award Ceremony was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Gree Altairnano New Energy won two awards, Energy Storage System Integrator and Overseas Energy Storage Supplier, with its outstanding performance both domestically and abroad.

The purpose of this selection activity is to recognize a group of enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the industry, actively participating in industrial innovation, technological innovation, and brand innovation. This award winning is not only a re-affirmation of Gree Altairnano's innovative strength in the energy storage field by the organizing committee, but also a full recognition of its positive contributions to global energy structure optimization and sustainable development by the society.


Leading with its technology, Energy Storage System Integrator wins market’s favor

Under the dual carbon goals, the energy storage technology as an important link in promoting the transformation of current energy structure and in supporting the new power system, is increasingly prominent in strategic position. As a technology-based enterprise in the field of new energy, Gree Altairnano New Energy has deeply devoted to energy storage for many years, constantly carrying out technological research and innovation. Through deep integration of key technologies, it provides users with safe, stable, efficient, and reliable energy storage systems.


With deep technological accumulation and outstanding system integration capabilities, Gree Altairnano stands out in the domestic energy storage market. Its energy storage system has been used in several important projects, including the world's first photovoltaic energy storage experimental demonstration platform, the highest 100 MWh photovoltaic energy storage power station in China, and Xinjiang Oilfield’s “power supply, power grid, load and storage” demonstration project etc. Closely cooperating with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, with industrial advantages, Gree Altairnano promotes energy transformation and green development.

Popularly selling overseas,  this Overseas Energy Storage Supplier wins global praise

Under the global background of energy transformation, the energy storage market maintains a high growth trend, and the installed capacity of renewable energy worldwide is accelerating. In recent years, Gree Altairnano’s overseas energy storage business has expanded rapidly. Its energy storage systems were exported to many countries and regions such as Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, covering multiple fields such as household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, microgrid energy storage, and rail transit etc.


With LTO’s ultra low temperature resistance at -50 ℃, Gree Altairnano’s energy storage systems are popular in high latitude European countries such as the UK, Germany, Finland, and Sweden. Nordic customers have commented that, Gree Altairnano not only provides high safety products, but also provides them with good technical support and after-sales service. “We have been cooperating for many years and never had any safety accidents!” The trust of many overseas customers is the best proof of the Overseas Energy Storage Supplier Award.

Recognized by the 2 industrial awards, Gree Altairnano is always committed to providing efficient, safe, and reliable energy system solutions to the world. Focusing on the two major markets in China and overseas, Gree Altairnano will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, accelerate the progress and application of energy storage technology, actively promote global energy structure optimization and sustainable development, and contribute to the construction of a green energy system.

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