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Gree Altairnano’s Residential Energy Storage System Debuts at Solar & Storage LIVE UK

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Date:2023-10-19  Article Source:

On October 17th, as the largest renewable energy and energy storage industry exhibition in the UK, Solar & Storage LIVE (hereinafter referred to as "UK Energy Storage Live") grandly opened in Birmingham. As a representative of Chinese new energy enterprise, Gree Altairnano New Energy has made debut with its high safety series batteries, low-temperature resistant series energy storage systems, and residential energy storage systems. They provide safe, reliable, stable, and efficient smart energy solutions to the world, attracting numerous industry experts and participants from both domestic and foreign countries to visit.


The UK Energy Storage Live has been successfully held for 11 times, bringing together companies from the solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle industries, covering fields such as residential, commercial, industrial, and public-utility-scale power generation. The aim is to show and share cutting-edge technologies in the energy industry that are smarter and more environmentally friendly to the government, industry insiders, and the public. It provides power for future energy systems, and has a profound international influence.

High safety batteries attract full attention from the participants

At the Gree Altairnano New Energy’s exhibition area, the Gree Altairnano batteries, which have undergone extreme testing such as cutting, needle penetrating, and extrusion, then after more than a year, still have clean and smooth shells. The batteries  received a warm response from everyone. 

“From battery units to system design and installation, there are multiple possibilities for mitigating risks at every level, but what Gree Altairnano has shown me is that from the essence of batteries, many safety risk issues are eliminated, "commented industry experts from Germany.


When hearing the on-site staff introducing Gree Altairnano batteries as the " Single Item Champion Product of China National Manufacture Industry", foreign industry insiders couldn't help but raised their thumbs and exclaimed in praise of "Excellent product, Excellent China!"


In fact, Gree Altairnano batteries apply its patented technology of "Lithium Titanate Composite Material, Preparation Method thereof, Negative Pole Plate and Lithium Ion Battery" that has won the WIPO-CNIPA Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention, which fundamentally improves the safety performance of batteries. At the same time, it broke through the technical bottleneck of unbalanced dilemma between charging/discharging in high C rate and achieving long cycle life, which is of great significance and remarkable social benefits in expanding the application of lithium battery products in new energy field.


“In the field of rail transit, safety is the top priority. Gree Altairnano batteries are one of the safest batteries, which is what we value.” For many years, Czech companies specializing in the field of rail transit equipment have insisted on in-depth exploration and cooperation with Gree Altairnano New Energy, introducing Gree Altairnano batteries as power batteries for their rail transit equipment. Czech trams and trolleybuses that are equipped with Gree Altairnano batteries have been under operation for many years without any one safety accident related to batteries.


  Low-temperature resistant energy storage, generally used globally

Countries such as the UK, Germany, Finland, and Sweden, most of their land have a temperate marine climate. The ultra-low temperature resistance of Gree Altairnano batteries, which can still charge and discharge normally at -50 ℃, is very suitable for European countries with cold winters and hot summers. 

At the UK Energy Storage Live, Gree Altairnano New Energy focused on showing its innovative technology achievements in the high-altitude/ultra-low temperature energy storage field - "ultra-low temperature" energy storage system solutions. Together with experts and visitors from around the world, Gree Altairnano explored the technological trends and future development of the energy storage market.


Gree Altairnano’s "ultra-low temperature" energy storage system solution combines features such as long cycle life and high C rate, coupled with industry-leading battery management systems and thermal management systems, enabling strong adaptability to temperature changes. It can operate efficiently and stably in extreme temperatures ranging from -50 ℃ to 60 ℃, making it an important choice in the global energy storage field. At present, Gree Altairnano’s battery new energy storage products have been exported to over 30 countries and regions worldwide. 

After visiting the site, the relevant person in charge from Finland Port Machinery Equipment Company spoke highly of Gree Altairnano’s "ultra-low temperature" energy storage system solution. 


“As the pillar of the world's container terminals, straddle carriers and shuttle vehicles have undergone many technological changes. Using Gree Altairnano batteries as equipment’s power batteries is one of the important technological reforms for our company to upgrade AGV container’s automated guided vehicles.” He also said that Gree Altairnano’s power batteries never require additional heating systems in cold Europe for normal starting. And it can achieve 6C and 8C rate which is required by straddle carriers. “Without hesitation, we’ll choose Gree Altairnano’s battery again!”

Integrated residential energy storage, displays its strength

In recent years, in response to global climate change, the strategic two carbon goals have driven the reconstruction of the global energy structure, and the demand for residential energy storage products has rapidly increased. Europe is one of the biggest residential energy storage markets in the world. According to research firm EVTank, the global newly installed residential energy storage has reached a capacity of 15.6 GWh in 2022, and is expected to reach 52.6 GWh by 2025. By 2030, the cumulative installed capacity of global residential energy storage will reach 748.9 GWh.

Gree Altairnano’s residential energy storage system, which made its debut in Europe for the first time, became an "eye catcher" at the entire exhibition, with continuous streams of audience and being highly sought after. 


Gree Altairnano’s residential energy storage system combines battery energy storage systems, photovoltaic and other new energy generation systems with municipal electricity. It uses and stores electricity by converting new energy into electricity, achieving self use of residential generated energy. It creates a smart grid home service platform for clean power generation and safe energy storage, meeting complex and diverse household energy storage needs.


“The discharge performance is completely unaffected under ultra-low temperature conditions, and I completely fell in love with this battery. "


" The performance of this battery is amazing! " 


" This home energy storage system perfectly fits all my dreams of green energy life. Stable power supply solves many troubles in life. "


After listening to the staff’s introduction, several local British citizens expressed their love for this China residential energy storage product.


“Mom, can you buy me a lot of ice creams with the saved electricity fee? " Three-year-old Eva said naively to her companion mother. “This is an 'energy machine' that leads to a beautiful picture of future energy", observed and said by experts and scholars from the UK. “The connection to Gree Altairnano’s residential energy storage system creates a truly clean, safe, efficient, comfortable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly living and working environment.”


Actively exploring key energy technologies, Gree Altairnano New Energy is committed to further upgrading solutions in energy supply and consumption. Every product from "Made in China" is full of innovative technology, bringing infinitive surprises to participants!


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